Mexico Permission to Purchase Property


What a long strange trip it promises to be.  We have travelled to Valladolid, Mexico twice in the  past two months and I am returning alone tomorrow.  We got permission from the Mexican government to purchase property.  Now I head down to pay the 310,000 pesos and receive the contract.  The deed will be ours in about 8 weeks but we will not hold our breath.  One thing that everyone learns in Mexico is that nothing is certain until it is complete.  We had several twists and turns two weeks ago when “negotiating through cultural and language uncertainties.”   Pam walked out of the  room when the brothers who own the land wanted  more money the night before we were to leave.  Our daughter, Molly, helped us to calm down and look at it all realistically and come to an agreement.

So the  land will be ours barring a mishap at the signing on June 7. There is a small (5 meters X 6 meters) structure on one corner. The next steps will be designing and then building a simple, small house on this piece of land overlooking a rehollado (rehoyada) with an avocado and  mamey tree and animals and bugs we have not yet met.   Pam and I may be entering the abyss but we will work at it together.  We plan on learning Spanish and the low number of expatriates should help us in this endeavor.


One thought on “Mexico Permission to Purchase Property

  1. I just stumbled onto this via Molly. So loved reading how you came to this choice. Hoping it all works out the way you wish……be brave! Lu


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