Groundbreaking in Valladolid

No backhoes.  Shovels and levels and concrete and sweat.
Looking southeast toward our bedroom which will have a loft above it and the nearby sala (great room) beginning at near white line will have 6 meter walls.
Looking west while standing in what will become an outdoor shower with an enclosed tub with garden.

How do we start?    Faith in the builders of Valladolid, Mexico that they will put in a good days work and faith in our contractor, Harriet.  We have seen the work that they have done and sent money down to her to proceed.  It looks rough now. We are excited though and hopeful that we will be down there by January if not before.  Then we should be able to select some of the “finishes” and lighting and tiles.  It will not be fancy and it will be only be about 140 square meters.  It will be our home to make new friends and visit new places and live on the other side of the border wall.

The city is small.  About 45,000 with only about 25 expats and 25 part-time northerners.  We want to learn Spanish and met some wonderful people to help us do so.  (Saying the name Valladolid was not easy for us at the beginning of our first visit.)

Pam wants to help with the dogs of Valladolid.  I want to keep busy with the house and getting to know about the Mayan culture as well as swimming in the cenotes and playas.  There is a church in every neighborhood and we are in San Juan.   We are simply looking forward to being in Mexico for 4 months, in Michigan for 4 months and traveling about 4 months.


We are the taller ones around town.
Clinic in San Juan neighborhood a block away from our new home.
Church and park in San Juan.
If I can meet the pig I may eat meat again.
Downtown Valladolid where there is music every Sunday night.
Cenote in town.


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