The ground was broken weeks ago and now the hard work of giving our little house enough support ensues.  The house is to be built on the side of a rehoyada (a jungle filled depression lush with avocado and other fruit trees) and in order for us to support 6 meter walls the footings needs columnas with zapatas (shoes) at their base.  Between the columnas (2 to 3.5 meters deep)  there will be walls of rock and cement.  Those small walls will be covered with cement and then the cinder blocks will go atop that foundation (footing).  It all starts though with the workers digging down to bedrock by hand.  If you look carefully you can see a workman with a hat on down in the hole waving up at Harriet, our subcontractor.  The entry door  and counter out front will be a storage closet (near side) and our bedroom closet (far side).  

Here is a map and location of the house about six short blocks from downtown Valladolid.


Look closely and you’ll see a worker about 3 meters down. This will be one of the columnas.
Cesar is the foreman deciding where the blueprints call for supports.

Eventually will have a door on this side for a storage closet and the far side will be a bedroom closet.

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