Los trabajadores y los salarios en México

The average wage for workers in Mexico is 73.04 pesos per day.    Based on current exchange rate of just under 19 pesos per US dollar that amounts to under $4 per day.

A big reason that we are moving to Mexico for the winter is because we can live for less.   We also did not want to go to Florida and head to a mobile home park or cookie cutter tract of homes.  We wanted to experience some different things and another culture enticed us. The people of the Yucatan are friendly, hard-working and their history surrounds one. We also know that we cannot travel the world.  Driving between Michigan and the Yucatan, we hope, will afford us much of what we want in life.  Time with kids (in Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI) and time with friends and learning Spanish while involving ourselves in two communities, Valladolid and Cobmoosa Shores.

So……we hope many friends and family come to Valladolid to visit us.  We hope many friends and family come to Cobmoosa Shores to visit as well.  We will be waiting. First though we need good support for our little home in the Yucatan.  We can thank the good Mayan workers of Valladolid for these holes dug 4+ meters deep and the columnas they will pour.  It would be tough for any average size Dutchman to get into these holes anyway.


The grid work to be lowered into the 4 meter holes to form the columnas.
Cesar and his workmen with the broken concrete and rocks hauled out of the holes.
A worker can barely be seen near the bottom of hole waving.

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