Pam and I will drive down to Valladolid beginning the last day of 2016 with Henry, Coco and Stella.

We will be gone for about 18 days and probably half of that will be spent driving our Sprinter Camping Van.  The drive will go from Tucson through Nogales to Hermosillo and then past Mazatlan.  We will cut across Mexico at Guadalajara and head through Guanajuato and then to Puebla.  From there we follow the best route to Campeche and to Merida before getting to Valladolid.  Long trip……yes.  Looking forward to it……yes.  We could fly but we don’t want to leave our three babies in Tucson and we have some stuff to bring down to our new home.

 It can all be seen here in its brutality and beauty.

We just got new pictures of the home building and, indeed,  there is progress.  We will be down the first week of 2017 to enjoy a week with Molly and Justin and other friends and family.  We will also be spending some time picking out tile for floors, sinks and bathtub, and talking with masons about the island and kitchen counters.   We thought the build would be a little further along but the progress actually should work out well. It gives us the opportunity to decide where niches will be in the walls for statues of virgins and buddhas.  It allows us to see up close what kind of “roof” should be behind the house and over our patio.  It affords us the opportunity to choose some lights, some doors and iron railing and just take it all in.   So…, a home in Mexico.  What the hell were we thinking anyway!!!   We never imagined that the election would give us yet-one-more good reason to leave this country for half the year but it has done so.   

The loft is looking more and more inviting as our bedroom. Downstairs (inside that doorway is the lower bedroom) may become the guest room.
This view from the street gives you a fairly good idea of how modest the home will be.  
That doorway (out of the Sala/great room) leads to the laundry and bath.
The foundation of the downstairs bath is going up.   Should have just enough room for sink, bidet toilet and an outside shower.  



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