Driving is Difficult in Mexico

We were new to Mexico driving.  We soon learned though that most everyone driving there is “making it up” as we saw drivers local and foreign speed along dodging potholes, topes (speed bumps), parked trucks without reflecting lights, cars without brake lights going half the posted speed limit, animals grazing roadside and the inevitable stops make by police for their mordida.   We were stopped and detained for many minutes several times for imaginary offenses and I am glad my friend, Ricardo, taught me the phrase, ““Dame mi multa, por favor.”

Soon after hearing about three or four times that we wanted the ticket written, the officers slowly and with their pride intact left us to go on our way.   We know very little Spanish but enough to use that phrase and go with paying only a token amount ($4.50 American once and $9 another time and nothing the third stop) to let both sides walk away.


We post these pictures as examples of the beauty and kindness we saw throughout Mexico.  The hotel we stayed in Tepic was wonderful and the workers went above and beyond.  The church in the Sisal neighborhood of a small city in Yucatan was marvelous and its history rich.  The last picture gives a small shoutout to Miguel Mazum who worked on our Sprinter van and got it running excellently for about 900 pesos in labor.  That is about $45 American but you must understand that he took the alternator out three times and replaced it as many and his time added up to over 6 hours.   Gracias, Miguel.

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