It is noteworthy and so Mexico that the only progress that has happened at our home in Valladolid since our visit in January is next door at our western neighbor.  Apparently they have built a very nice wall. We are wondering what they have planned for their lot.  The zoning laws are rather lax so we may have a residence or a business or even a night club.  We hope not the latter.  Nevertheless, the wall is a nice addition.  We have planned to build a wall around the entire back yard but we decided to postpone until this fall when we are there.  Now we have half of our wall complete and hopefully can get their work crew or ours to complete the eastern wall in the same fashion….maybe.



All construction has been on hold since February due to the slowness of CFE, Comision Federal de Electricidad.    We have asked and petitioned the CFE, we have asked lawyers what to do,  we have called our architects and had them reach out to the engineers in charge of this task and it has been nearly six months now.  Actually it has been longer but it has been an additional six months since we “got serious.”  Serious means our work has now been delayed.

After no forward movement I had to take up the task.  In Tucson I got laid off and I got ahold of one regional engineer with WhatsApp and he directed me to our local, Valladolid engineer.  I will not bore you with details but suffice to say one must use tact as a foreigner while also remaining persistent.   The task was made tougher because I do not know Spanish but it is amazing to me what I could do with Google Translate, WhatsApp and Facebook as well as Google search.  Persistence!

Today it is July 7 and our friend and contratista (builder or sub-contractor), Harriet, has told us that we have a date for final moving of electric lines on July 13.  Less than a week away but mañana often rules the day so we do not make plans until all is complete.  Truth be told, we have learned to live with delay and it may well work out in our favor.  We will be down in Valladolid for most of the interior work and that should bode well for us giving input and to select items, colors and construction choices.

We are in Michigan and enjoying the time on Lake Michigan.  It is a ten minute walk to the beach through our wooded, dune neighborhood.  All five of us enjoy it and very much love the walks on the beach.   Still we look forward to Mexico and what changes it will offer us.


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