Finally the electrical lines were moved and we began again and then the hospital reared its ugly head.  Our builder/contractor/friend, Harriet, became hospitalized in Valladolid for a week.  Without any details it should be enough to say that her condition required time and attention and rest so she divested…..from our building and all other of her manifold duties.

I took a flight to Cancun and a bus to Valladolid and began a long three days of organizing the building and getting Noe, our architect, to oversee paying the albaniles and daily building until Pam and I returned in November.  So we now have begun our journey down to Valladolid by Sprinter van and our camping trailer with our three dogs and will live there for a half year.

We will learn some Spanish that I think will include many building words.  My first duty may be to get internet installed so I can Google Translate.  We are in for a cultural education, methinks.

2 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. I think perhaps a reread of Greene’s the power and the glory is called for. Keep reminding yourself to enjoy the journey.


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