We Have Landed but Into What Exactly


Pam and I have returned with our three perros to Valladolid and our half-built casa.   This pictured door is the first of many that need to still be built to enclose and protect our casa from thieves. (The doors we are having are fabricated by the herrerro (blacksmith) but only after the exact size is known.)  

Crime is not rampant.  We feel perfectly safe walking our streets throughout  town at any hour but opportunity on a building site is the same as in the USA.  That is why you see generators hoisted 100 feet or more above the ground with a crane.  People will avail themselves of a chance.  We had a scaffold stolen and now we have a night watchman to see that things stay where we lock them up in one room.

Sometimes at the beginning of the day I lay in bed and wonder, “What the hell have we done?!  WTF is going to happen?!”    It passes though as I get to work organizing one small task for the day of work, one more item to purchase, one more decision to make.  Our goal is to have our dormitorio arriba and small bath there complete by Christmas.  We will live in a construction zone for awhile as the planta baja is completed as well as driveway and patios.  I wondered in the past why in Mexico we saw so many buildings with rebar (and other smaller metal bars for reinforcement of concrete) sticking up out of roofs and out of walls.   There is so much construction that appears to be half complete but in many Mexican minds, I think, it is complete enough until the next phase or room is ready to be tackled.  

I thought we would have our home complete this winter.  Now I think not.  We will work on it and make serious progress but there will be more to do next winter.  Now we need to become good neighbors, build it as well and as far as we can and then take it the next step mañana or posada mañana.  

Three days ago we were to meet with an Airbnb owner in Campeche.  We agreed he would stop by at ocho treinta.   In the USA that means 8:30 AM.  If you are OCD (Orderly Christian Dutch) it means 15 or more minutes before 8:30 AM.  Here in Mexico I am learning that ocho treinta means nothing until someone shows up and you are going to adjust, not them.  So now we schedule for 8 and hope to see them before posada mañana.  

If you care to see a few pictures of our journey from West Michigan to Tucson and then to Laredo and onto Valladolid you can see them here.  Otherwise,  stay safe but not situation comedy safe.  

Oh, yeah, we are staying in a studio apartment which is rather cramped by our standards but in Valladolid for most of the people we see daily it is luxurious.  We are glamping, I tell Pam!  Here is our patio outside of our studio.  The noises of Mexico surround us….birds, dogs, the gas company driving its truck by singing its catchy song…….not a leaf blower to be heard.


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