Pasta Tile and So Many Choices

Overwhelmed.  That is undoubtedly the word we used when we walked into Mosaicos la Peninsular in Merida.  For small town Valladolid folk like us Merida is a challenge in itself.   However, the trafico loco along with our ability to get lost quickly rolled together with our minúsculo Spanish skills paled in comparison to the challenge of our choices.


We settled down once we found out Ignacio was fluent in English.  If not, we would have left quickly without ordering so I think they know their market well enough.    Finally, we decided on a carpet pattern of the colors below.  The solid rojo with the blanco line surrounding the perimeter will be four tiles deep around the entire room.  Next the border tiles that “join hands” will create a border for the “carpet” and inside will be the repeating individual tiles (Flor II) to form a carpet of cement tiles.


We also chose some different tiles for the facing of our escalera ( stairway) and for below arched windows around the house and finally for the backsplash and walls between shelves in our cocina.   Wish we had taken pictures of those but we were simply happy to be done and satisfied with our decisions.

The tiles are handmade and will be ready December 18 so we have about 5 weeks to get much of the house ready.  Lots to do in the casa but it is becoming more satisfying as it gets slightly less stressful.  It does help that we have met some wonderful, new friends by accepting the kindness of strangers.  Our builder’s (Harriet) returning good health and her reduced involvement again has been much appreciated.  We will ask less of her.  Knowing she is here to translate our ideas and input into the language of the workers is wonderful.   Indeed!

I had to add this picture of Pam with Kenia, the granddaughter (nieta) or our carpenters, Saul and Irma.  The laughter of the kids around Valladolid shows us that money is importante but family is primero here.


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