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It has taken longer than expected but we have finally made headway with Chico. I will post a picture of him as he is to have his “spa” treatment this week.  The groomer who will bathe, cut and treat him for fleas picked him up last week and initially took him to a Vet for a quick evaluation as he noticed some untoward movement in his mouth and legs.  The Vet said he has Distemper and cannot be treated.  The Mexican woman and family who have been leaving food and water out for him since he was abandoned and dying now want to pay for his grooming and flea treatment and will continue feeding him.  We offered to pay to hame him euthanized since his condition will deteriorate and he will most likely die in the street but they do not want this for him. At least Chico will be clean and free of his matted dreadlocks and fleas and ticks to allow him some comfort in his final days.  To see a Mexican family care for these dogs and not want to take money from Gringos just because they can is wonderful and one of our ultimate goals is educating the Mexican people.  We know that we have much to learn from them as well.

It is not too late though for the Dogs of Valladolid.   I have decided to devote my energy and time to this cause and it will take a generation or more to see great changes. To accomplish any of my goals will take money and it is why I am starting my fundraiser.   Hank will manage the fundraiser because he is an organizer.   Those of you who know me well realize this is not my strong suit.   I will be working in the streets with the dogs and our aforementioned friend, Danielle Michon, who has been doing this for seven years.  Danielle speaks Spanish and works well with the local Mexican/Mayan people and has connections with Veterinarians across the Yucatan.  


We hope to turn Valladolid into a  “Bhutan of Mexico.”   (Link to NPR story in blue)

Bhutan carried out a nationwide program to spay and neuter its stray dogs

  • Fixing one dog at a time is important but unless we stop the population growth of unwanted animals the needs will never end.  To this end we will have monthly spay and neuter clinics and focus on males since it is less costly and their recovery time is shorter.
  • We would like to purchase a piece of property on the outskirts of Valladolid to build a simple dog refuge for those dogs needing immediate care.  It will be called Casa de Coco in dedication of our own 3 legged rescue dog,  Coco, who has brought so much joy into our home of spoiled dogs.  Her big brown eyes thank us daily.  While they are there we will have their medical needs met and Danielle will continue to work with her Canadian friends to find adoptive homes in Canada or to loving Mexican families once they are healed.
  • We will have interns from veterinary school and vet tech programs in the USA and in Canada come for one or two months to help in the clinics but also to educate owners. We will give them room and board and we only ask that they know Spanish and have a commitment to abused and neglected animals.
  • We will eventually raise enough money to hire an emergency veterinarian to move and live in Valladolid.  Now we have to travel 150 kilometers and that can be fatal.
  • We will engage the community through the schools and government and civic groups to educate about abuse and neglect and care of animals.
  • We have more dreams about where this will lead Valladolid and its dogs but for now that is enough.

We hope you an afford to help us.  If you can given any amount of money it will be greatly appreciated and it will be used prudently.    If you cannot give a monetary gift you can help by sharing this page on Facebook or in an email with friends.   If one of your friends has a passion for animals they may be able to help us with the Dogs of Valladolid.  Thank you. 

We need to raise $2,000,000 to make this happen.  Whoa, are we crazy?”  I can hear you ask that question but those of you who know us well already know that we are.  Still we need to raise 2 million pesos and not 2 million dollars.  The current exchange rate means that we need to raise approximentado $100,000 ( US dollars).  Your donation will go a long way down here due both the exchange rate and the cost of labor.




  This week we will be going to Playa del Carmen with Wapo, a street dog hit by a car last week.  His leg and possibly his hip are broken and he needs rehab and repair or removal of leg.  We know how dear a dog can be who has lost a leg and has been abused.  Hank and I rescued our own Coco about 8 years ago and have been thankful ever since.   Below is Wapo and there are links above with two ways you can help….


We will let you know how the tests and treatment for Wapo goes later this month.


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