Choosing Colors or Choosing Sides

 I spent some time cleaning up the doors and the upstairs balcony right off back of our bedroom. I wanted to see how the colored cement (gray meeting green) would look when sealed even though all I did was wet it down and sweep.
Here is the desk and shelves along street side of our upstairs bedroom.   We will put a hamaca stretched across this room for when a warm, sun-drenched siesta is in order.


Verde shelf and floor with a small window looking out toward our little slice of jungle.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 20.23.36

Here is Heidi Kimsey’s picture of a VW van in major street celebration of  the Festival and Feast of the Virgin de Guadalupe in Valladolid.  About every hour or two one hears horns blowing, whistles blowing, noise makes galore and sometimes instruments blaring or at least a good raspy speaker and various recordings of celebration.  All of this is generally followed shortly by firecrackers.  Who knows a virgin who doesn’t like a good firecracker every time her sexual status is celebrated?  Regardless, much to my surprise we learned that some man saw the Virgin in Mexico City in 1531.  Since Jesus was not seen in Mexico City or any other Mexican village at all her heroics and loyalty to the Mexican people is widely celebrated.   Jesus they can take or leave but the Virgin is primero in their religious life.

Pam and I have much to learn about the customs and festivals here.  We will get a chance, it seems, this Saturday when the annual feast is prepared in Mayan/Mexican households and, I think, they invite the tallest man of European descent to their homes to share camaraderie and food.   I am hoping that is the case.   Two friends from across the street from our new home have invited us to go to their village and share in their stuffing.   So something is going to happen there. What it is aint exactly clear.  There’s a man here with Google Translate but it did not do such a great job of preparing us for what is in store.  We will have to check with other friends who have been living here awhile and have been invited to know whether we should actually go and if we do what to bring.  If either Pam or I looked a bit more Spanish I would be more uncomfortable attending though.    After all, the Mayans were not real fond of their conquerors and would just as soon have killed them as feed them stuffing.

It is a bit scary going into a new home with only Google Translate.  Once I was trying to tell a middle age man that my dogs were friendly and the Spanish version belted out something about his sister, Christina.  We will bring mace and keep our questions to ones that can be answered with a simple yes or no.  We will smile and eat whatever is given.  We will learn…….something.


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